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11 November
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Welcome to the official Pauvre Maltea Livejournal.

The purpose of this journal is to keep all you LJ freaks up to speed on what exaclty is going on with Pauvre Maltea, as well as a way to get ultra-rare shit for free, and to post your thoughts on works in progress.

I'll be posting MP3s of rough sketches, demos, clips and other essential oddities once in a while to see what you all think, pique your wee heads for feedback and constructive criticism. You'll never find completed studio recordings here, just rough audio sketches of what might some day appear on an EP or Album. You never know what'll show up here..

You'll be seeing preliminary album artwork, t-shirt concepts, unreleased band photos, schpankie flyer designs, exclusive posters..etc.

You'll be able to get your hands on prototype buttons, stickers, keychains and other one-off elitist schwag you'll NEVER find anywhere else. Oh yeah, and you'll never drop a red cent for it either, I might make you do something degrading and humiliating to earn it, but It'll never involve cash.
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